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Kindergarten students at Heart MountainChildren at the Heart Mountain Internment Camp attended either elementary or secondary school providing them with a daily routine.

In the first year, Heart Mountain High School educated more than 1,500 students. They had a band, clubs, social functions, and sports.

On May 11, 1944, the high school graduated 302 students " the minds of every person there that night, particularly the graduates, there were memories ... of that fateful Sunday in December, 1941, which was the reason why they were graduating from a hastily constructed gymnasium auditorium with poor acoustics, rather than in velveteen-draped auditoriums with indirect lighting in California or Oregon or Washington." From "History of Heart Mountain High School" in the August 12, 1944 Heart Mountain Sentinel special edition.

Image: Kindergarten students at Heart Mountain Relocation Center

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Full article (PDF) in the August 12, 1944 Heart Mountain Sentinel special edition.

Full article (PDF)
in the August 12, 1944 Heart Mountain Sentinel special edition.

 High school home economics students in the
Heart Mountain Sentinel.

First day of school. Sketch by Estelle Ishigo.

Class time. Sketch by Estelle Ishigo

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All Estelle Ishigo drawings are from 1942-1945 at the Heart Mountain Relocation Center, courtesy of the American Heritage Center. See more in the AHC's Estelle Ishigo digital collection. Photographs from the digital collections at the AHC. Newspaper images are from Wyoming Newspapers.

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