According to the July 27, 1890 Wyoming Commonwealth, there were a large number of distinguished ladies and gentlemen seated on the platform, the paper said they included: 

“Governor Warren, Mrs. Morris, Judge Brown, Mrs. Post, Rev. J. Y. Cowhick, Mrs. Jenkins, John W. Hoyt, Mrs. Ollerenshaw, Rev. Geo. C. Rafter, Mrs. Hale, Mrs. Warren, Harvey Middleton, Mrs. Clark, Judge Van Devanter and wife, Mrs. Bartlett, Secretary Meldrum and wife, Mrs. Kilborne, Mrs. Myers, Mrs. Smith, Misses Smith, Mrs. Bergman, Colin Hunter, Mrs. Buechner, Mrs. Furniss, the Misses Herbard, Mrs. Mason, Gen. Mizner, Mr. Buechner, Mr. Hoyt, and many others.”

In addition, the Ladies Executive Committee on Celebration selected Mrs. Morris to present the flag, Mrs. Ollerenshaw to be the standard flag bearer, Mrs. Jenkins the ladies orator, and Mrs. Post to be presented the Wyoming Constitution by the gentlemen. (Cheyenne Daily Sun April 4, 1890, p. 5)

This portion of the exhibit is dedicated to the people who were at the celebration that "Great Day." Photos, illustrations, and biographical sketches of the notable attendees we could find are from historic Wyoming newspapers, Bartlett's History of Wyoming (S.J. Clarke Publishing Company, 1918), and Wyoming State Archives. Click the links below to explore the people.

Theresa A. Jenkins     Esther Morris     General Mizner     Governor Warren    

Judge M. C. Brown     Mrs. I. S. Bartlett     Amalia B. Post     Hon. C. D. Clark     J. W. Hoyt    

Justice Van Devanter     Union Pacific Band     Secretary Meldrum     J. K. Jeffrey     

Mayor Riner     Henry G. Hay     Fannie Ollerenshaw     Ladies' Committee     Girl Guards   

Rep. J. M. Carey     President Harrison     Nellie Dwyer     Frankie Warren

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