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  • Italian Newspapers from Rock Springs Wyoming Newspapers is excited to announce the first historic foreign language newspapers in the database. They are the Italian language newspapers, IL Grido Del Popolo (The Cry of the People ...
    Posted Apr 19, 2016, 10:40 AM by Thomas Ivie
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Discover the stories that formed Wyoming, through Wyoming Newspapers. Making Wyoming’s historic newspapers available to the world for education and historical research, including genealogy, is the cornerstone of Wyoming Newspapers. Historians, genealogists, students and other scholars rely on them to provide a first-hand and sometimes the only account of local news. Many newspapers only lasted a short time and many have disappeared just like the boom-and-bust ghost towns of the past. Wyoming Newspapers currently includes over 340 historic Wyoming newspapers and more than 800,000 pages, the earliest is the Chugg Water Journal from 1849.